The Versailles Palace - Le Chateau-  is the symbol of France. 


 Our Limoges French hand painted porcelain box Chateau de Versailles represents one of the highest landmarks in French history. The origins of the Chateau - in French, the castle or Palace in this particular case- can be found as a simple hunting lodge in a Parisian suburban area full of swamps. Louis XIII was a quiet king and had this place as a hunting retreat, following the Bourbons’ tradition of deer hunting. Its vicinity to Paris made it very attractive as a close enough get away where soon the court of France would show the world its full splendor. Louis XIV, The Sun King made Versailles his masterpiece. From an early age he had traveled and admired all the artists of his era. He wanted Versailles to be a mirror of his glory and personality, a mirror of the artistic talent of France bringing back the classic culture and mythology   combined with the  best of all times to be remembered for centuries to come. Such a big project had to be built in sections always keeping the artistic unity of detail and thought. Before his reign, the Louvre had been the place of royal residence. Louis XIV considered the Louvre an old castle, too close to Paris and its dangers and wanted to move out of there.   We can see in Versailles a transfiguration of the castle as it had been conceived up to that date. A castle meant power and military reserves. Louis XIV transformed the sense of power giving it a beauty for the world to admire and creating his new power through the etiquette and ostentation. The castles were places to live. Versailles changes this meaning and it makes the castle or the chateau an object that means power. Colbert said” In the absence of brilliant war-time actions, nothing reflects the grandeur of spirit of princes more than buildings”.



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